In the early days of Critical Path Mechanics one of our clients, a well-established Florida Panhandle contractor, found that an increasing number of their contracts required Critical Path Method schedules. The principals of the firm had relied on simple bar type-schedules, prepared by hand, for many years. They viewed the preparation of a Critical Path Schedule as an additional overhead cost that was born only as a benefit for the customer. They contracted us to provide schedules to meet the specifications in their county contracts.

Critical Path Mechanics recognized that this company had a culture that had functioned profitably for many years without the benefit of Critical Path Schedules. The principals of the company acknowledged that times were changing and they had to upgrade their processes in order to compete in the evolving environment. Critical Path Mechanics began the relationship by giving the client just what they wanted and encouraging them to begin developing rudimentary Work Breakdown Structures (Project Outlines). This enabled them to reduce Critical Path Mechanics’s billable hours while providing a higher quality product. Over years Critical Path Mechanics has demonstrated to the client how much more they can do with the Critical Path Schedule than they had previously been doing with their bar type schedules.

Since those first schedules the client’s Project Manager has gained a much greater appreciation of the method and client the transitioned to employing Critical Path Schedules on all their projects. The evolution did not stop there. After approximately one year the client hired a young estimator. They expressed their wish to have this same person cover the function of an in-house scheduler— we then trained their scheduler.