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Critical Path Method

Critical Path Method scheduling is the most widely used scheduling tool in the construction industry today. Critical Path Method (CPM) defined as the calculation of the project’s activities along the longest path to the logical end points and the shortest amount of time needed to complete the project. It contains all the activities of the subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and materials. Each activity scheduled according to the logical sequence, duration and dependencies.


If you are a seasoned contractor, new contractor, small contractor or a large contractor who has wanted to implement the Critical Path Method in your company, but hasn’t yet been able to quite manage the time or resources involved to do so. Don’t despair. Critical Path Mechanics is prepared to help you, whether you are looking for someone to outsource your schedule to, to help train your own personnel to produce professional schedules, or temporary help to get you through a rough spot. We maintain expertise in the Astra Primavera© family of products, Microsoft Projects© and even Deltek’s OpenPlan©.

Since we have been in operation we have proven our ability to recover time for our clients avoiding hundreds of days in Liquidated Damages, adding hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom lines.


Solutions such as Critical Path and Earned Value methods can supercharge the productivity of your business. It is no coincidence that thousands of licenses of project planning software are sold each year. However, most of our clients have come to us after purchasing the Project Management Software license and attending the class. They find that there still is a bridge to be crossed between “knowing” and “doing”. The reason for this gap is that engineering and project management require two different sets of skills, rarely found together.

That is where we come in, to fill this gap by any combination of the following:

  • To assess your organization using the latest standards and maturity models provided by the Project Management institute (PMI)
  • To provide you with a qualified scheduler, planner or PMI certified Project Manager
  • To train or mentor your organization
  • To execute a project you are sponsoring
  • To provide you with tailored procedures

Critical Path Mechanics employs only industry-accepted standards in assessing organizations, preparing procedures or executing projects. Foremost among these is ANSI/PMI 99-001-2000 the Project Management Body of Knowledge.



Many small businesses piece together their processes as they grow. They do just fine until obvious necessity forces their evolution and integration. In our current competitive environment, however, to ignore the new players that arrived after Hurricane Ivan could be a fatal miscalculation. Local businesses are now thrown head to head against professional out-of-area firms. These well-organized heavyweights are characterized by integrated software applications—such as Estimating, Time Management, Accounting and Earned Value Calculation—working together to leverage their skill set.

criticalpathmethodThe good news is that every business challenge comes wrapped around an opportunity. If you perform well during this period in your businesses history it could lift you from the world of job order/fee for service practice to the much more lucrative world of large capital projects. Recognizing and implementing proven best practices can improve your chances of success in the current environment and open your business up to new markets. To do this you may need to rapidly evolve your estimating and time management practices at the same time as you adapt to a rapidly changing culture. While the learning curve may be steep, you have smart people who are eager to learn new skills.

schedule sampleBut…can you afford it? You’ll be glad to hear that you already have most of the software you need. If a gap exists in you Project Management software suit it is most likely in the area of Time Management. Purchasing economical, off the shelf, software, can rapidly close this gap. If you are anticipating an evolution to Project Portfolio Management or Enterprise Resource Planning then we can help you maximize the reach of your budget. At CPM we maintain expertise in all the state of the art time management software so we are prepared to support the choice that fits your needs.

Beyond Time Management, CPM will assist you in the transition to tie your business processes into an integrated end-to-end system. It is not a lengthy process. The goal will be to identify the key process, supporting databases and software applications. Special emphasis will be placed on identifying application interfaces and gaps between processes. In order to ensure consistency and the ability to replicate a successful process, we will help you develop a Project Management Procedure Book. This document also aids in assimilating new managers and project control personnel, reducing the impact of personnel turnover. While the basis for CPM’s recommendations will always be rooted in the Project Management Book of Knowledge published by the Project Management Institute, we will carefully tailor them to the needs of your business.

CPM sees success as expanding the community of ethical, profitable Project Management. A Community we would like your company to proudly enter.


construction site planningOur range of services is not limited to providing certified Project Managers as we also assist companies with experienced planners and schedulers and provide training to close any gaps in our clients’ Project Management skill set.

Critical Path Mechanics is able to execute and train personnel in world-class methods in the same manner as large firms with extensive “think tanks”. We can accomplish this by leveraging the enormous body of research compiled by the Project Management Institute (PMI), an organization that provides global leadership in the development of standards for the practice of the project management profession throughout the world.

Critical Path Mechanics has a wide range of experience in a variety of fields that range from shipbuilding to robotics. We assist our clients along every stage of the project planning and project management life cycle.


At the recent Construction User’s Round Table in New Orleans, Eddie Clayton from Southern Companies outlined skills that were currently in short supply and likely to get worse in the coming years. Project Schedulers was prominently listed in his presentation. At the Project Management Institutes College of Scheduling Annual Conference the message board was covered with ads looking for qualified schedulers, ditto the Primavera Conference in San Diego.

On the other side of the equation the various agencies of the Federal Government are trying to raise the bar on their scheduling requirements. State and local governments are imposing more rigorous specifications in order to gain better insight on when they can expect to put their buildings in to service.

Commercial and Industrial owners are imposing rigorous scheduling requirements for the same reasons and adding requirements for probabilistic schedules for good measure. The old hand drawn bar chart just will not cut it anymore!