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Welcome to Critical Path Mechanics

Construction Critical Path Scheduling Services, Claims Analysis and Expert Witness

More than just software – Critical Path Mechanics can help you bridge the “knowledge” to “doing” gap.

Critical Path Mechanics provides construction critical path scheduling, claims analysis and expert testimony services across all major industry sectors. Whatever – or wherever – the project, you will benefit from our unique ability to break down complex issues, identify key impacts, and work strategically toward your goals. Our experience includes multi-million to multi-billion dollar projects in commercial buildings, infrastructure, shipbuilding, robotics, DOT builds and luxury hotels. We will assist you along every stage of the project planning and project management.

Critical Path and Earned Value methods can supercharge the productivity of your business. It is no coincidence that thousands of licenses of project planning software are sold each year. However, most of our clients have come to us after purchasing a project management software license and/or attending classes, finding that there is still gap between “knowing” and “doing”. The reason for this gap is that engineering and project management require two different sets of skills, rarely found together. Critical Path Mechanics bridges this gap by making the scheduling of your project efficient and profitable.

Critical Path Mechanics Serves Companies in the Following States:
Alabama  |   Florida  |  Georgia  |  Louisiana  |  Mississippi  |  North Carolina  |  South Carolina